What We Do




Makeup applications usually take around 45 minutes depending on what the clients need and wants are. 

I do yes I have a gorgeous little cabin located right beside my house. The cabin is fully heated and is so cosy for your appointment. 

Yes a Makeup application Alan include strip or individual lashes.

I do yes I have been lucky enough to have traveled around Ireland and Europe with some of my gorgeous bridal parties. You can just get in touch for a quote.

Absolutely not all I ask is that people come with a clean canvas and I can take care of the rest.

Yes all appointments are on a 1:1 basis with no one else in the salon so everyone can feel comfortable.

Honestly I prefer a minimum of 4 and max of 7 but this can always be worked around.

Yes all makeups start to finish are done by myself 

Yes of course I am such a stronge believer in being yourself on your wedding day. We can work with Natural, Glam, Vintage ect.